Daniel T. Matalon - Founder & cEO

Daniel T. Matalon

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Daniel Matalon is a social impact investor/producer and the founder of a socio-economic campaign of financial inclusion, #IsThereEnough. It has attention from policy makers, educators, and private interests in Europe, America, Africa and Latin America. #IsThereEnough is moderating a new conversation about society that suggests we can develop economic models based on human resources, over natural ones.

As Co Founder of Impact Launchpad, a social impact investment banking and advisory firm, Daniel and his team are developing a safer, risk-adjusted model for sustainable finance that will result in a larger pool of investment that can more rapidly meet The UN Sustainability Development Goals for 2030. This model will be used to establish and scale 100 global centers of for-profit impact investment, working in partnership with both government and private interests, and which will power more than 50,000 global impact projects over the next 15 years.

Daniel is also a media producer and co founder of iDiscovery TV, one of the world’s first streaming only television networks yielding 9 shows, 240 hours of original content and several technological innovations in information discovery and IPTV. He also co founded at nationwide technology consultancy, which had over 1200 technicians throughout the US, garnering major service award recognition, and which was one of the early adopters of IT managed services, cloud computing and VoIP based communications.