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Donate Building Leaders in Business, Community and Government November, 2021 VODEC AFRICA exists to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit in the youth and as well create a synergy between having a business plan or idea and bringing it into reality through the act of providing guidance, education and motivation. Register

Welcome! We are Vodec Africa

We identify friends of Africa and help them find their economic needs on the continent within the context of universal values.

We observe youth with high business acumen; those who are idealistic, innovative, or creative, and assist to substantiate their projects by exposing them to places and the people who can support or partner in their ventures.

Providing competent platforms to nurture and enhance entrepreneurial skills and ingenuity in the African youth….


VODEC Africa “Visionary Organizational Development and Entrepreneurial Club”

With the vision of becoming the largest entrepreneurial club across the globe that inculcate entrepreneurial spirits and new business ideas into the youth through nurturing them to become excellent and exceptional in their various fields of creativity and a mission statement of enlightening the youth on issues of entrepreneurship, we are poised to make an impact on the globe



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To witness in this generation the transformation of Africa into a developed state by inducing on the continent the achievement of true independence, financial success, and social change…

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