Our Vision

To become the largest entrepreneurial club across the globe that inculcates entrepreneurial spirits and new business ideas into the youth while nurturing them to become excellent and exceptional in their various fields of creativity.

Our Mission

To go the extra mile in supporting our members and affiliates to achieve their Leadership, business and trade goals and objectives, with aim of enhancing the dream of a more prosperous African continent.

Our Aim

To empower African youth, through tailored support programs, collaborative initiatives, and access to relevant expertise, propelling them towards building successful businesses on the African continent.

VODEC is the acronym for “Visionary Organizational Development and Entrepreneurial Club.

It is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit international body founded by a group of like-minded young Africans with diverse sociocultural and educational backgrounds; to encourage youth capacity development and serve as an anchor for skill and career development within the fringes of the club.

More About VODEC Africa

VODEC Africa is registered with the Registrar General of Ghana as a non-profit social organisation. Its operations assist the Department of Social Welfare and Development in a variety of ways. VODEC Africa members benefit from a wide range of initiatives, including youth development and capacity building training programs, financial empowerment, health, benefits and several social interventions. In a nutshell, we continually educate and inspire our members and their communities, by developing research programs and opportunities that improve their skills and promote their entrepreneurial dreams.

The organization is in constant collaboration with the Chiefs and opinion leaders such as the custodians of Breman Fawomanyo, a town in the Central Region of Ghana. We have created a vibrant entrepreneurial hub in this locality and several others. In addition, we partnered with HRH Duke Williams, Founder and CEO of One Million Entrepreneurs especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and become one of the greatest supports to communities in Ghana. We supplied, water, masks, and food supplements, and provided psychological and moral patronage to several people all across the nation. 

Our annual entrepreneurship summit brings together luminaries in the field of entrepreneurship to train and equip Ghanaian youth with the necessary skills to succeed in the field of entrepreneurship. This collaboration aims to inspire the next generation of business owners. Our aim of empowering many young people to start and run their enterprises is increasingly having the desired effect: lowering unemployment, which eventually leads to the expansion of the middle class.