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Tom agreed I was overcharged and said a check was in the mail.

Tom agreed I was overcharged and said a check was in the mail. Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors… This was one of the most stressful jobs I have ever had! High volume calls and the pay was terrible and there is only a two dollar difference between starting pay and top pay. We only had 2 10 minute breaks with a 30 minute lunch when most places give you 2 15 minute breaks. Constantly dealing with customer shenanigans and hostility, break times are short, and the pay may be on the low side for some. I had thoroughly enjoyed my time working for ALC.

american logistics company reviews

Integration to our vast transportation provider network provides insight to mobility activity ensuring accountability. Administering Transportation Benefits is complex, our proprietary digital tools make it easy. When it comes to logistics and real estate, few companies compare to Flagler Global Logistics. Our firm’s roots date back more than a century to Florida’s transportation and real estate pioneer, Henry Flagler. We were able uss express reviews to call her whenever and she would immediately return our phone calls. It was just one of those situations where we were frustrated ’cause we didn’t have our stuff. But we knew that there was nothing that anyone could do.

Jobs At American Logistics Company

Little to no advancement in the dispatch center. People who work in the dispatch office are often underpaid and not treated as well as people in other departments of the company. The managers really make sure to work with your schedule and skill set. The environment can sometimes be stressful on certain calls, there https://uss-express.com/ is plenty of support if you get stressed out. The pay is lower than most places in the area, but at least there is room to move up quickly. There not really a defined path for how you move up, but you just hope that you are one of the people doing well. A systematic approach to transportation benefit management.

  • Management is always there for you and are very flexible with time off and understanding when outside of work things come up.
  • Your shipment will be loaded and delivered on the same truck by one of our full time, uniformed, background checked, drug tested employees.
  • Providing a successful transportation benefit takes a combination of partners, technology, people and legacy knowledge.
  • Seems to me like they will bend over backwards to get you to move where they want you to move, within the company, but then you’re stuck.
  • The company makes remote working fun, they’ve had weekly contests, and sent out monthly updates within the company.
  • The most enjoyable part of my day is leaving, if I can get out on time, because with employment at half-staff it doesn’t happen often.

Nice job just to gain call center experience but I wouldn’t recommend to everyone. The pay is low $11./hr for regular english speaking people.

Alc Solutions

I wish the break rooms were better to provide a fun atmosphere for hanging out with them during the break time. The buildings are old, though, and by the way lack any sort of decoration or https://nandnlogistics.com/ friendlines. We used 24/7 Logistic Services to move most of our things out of our house recently. They did an EXCELLENT JOB, from the first discussion on the phone to the move itself.

american logistics company reviews

Depending on where you get placed you could land the easiest job with great pay or never have a life again. Management did not really care much about what you said if you weren’t one of the senior employees. Seems to me like they will bend over backwards to get you to move where they want you to move, within the company, but then is uss express legit you’re stuck. Don’t be late or get sick, even with a doctors note, even if you had a broken leg, you’ll still get the attendance points which lead to them firing you. The people are cool, and some of the callers are really cool. But this place fits the old saying “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad management “.