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Each individual has his or her own goals and passions and as a matter of fact career pattern he or she wants to embark on. However, developing a career can not just be started anyhow without considering certain basic principles and following certain basic steps. Below are the steps that can help you in choosing and developing a career for yourself

The first step to developing a career path is self assessment. This is essential because a man who does not know him or her self is messed up. Knowing yourself is key to everything you need to develop a career. Some careers may not fit certain personalities and for that matter the first step required before chosen a career is to know yourself. Reflect over your life. Ask your self the very basic questions of your likes, dislikes, motivations, passions and goals and through this you will be able to illuminate yourself as to the career which will be a best fit for you.

The next important act or step is to gather relevant information about the career you want to engage yourself in. As the saying goes information is power and power is an essential element to exercise control. Thus if you really want to have control over every aspect in your chosen career then it’s better you gather the necessary and relevant information you need to know about your career. This will help you greatly in your preparation towards building your career and emerging as a prolific figure in your area of operations. So if you have already chosen a career for yourself then it’s about time you subject yourself to studying and learning from the masters.

Personal development is also an essential principle or step to developing a career path. Thus after you have gathered the necessary info you need, it’s therefore necessary to develop and build yourself to the task. Personal development may come in the form of formal or informal education but whatever the case may be just be willing to marshal your forces for the greater task ahead.

The last step I want to share with you is to build a personal brand and personalised core values. Although every career has its own mode of operations and it’s own code of ethics, it’s better that you as an individual is noted for a particular ethical value. Personal branding is also key to distinguishing yourself from the masses that operate in your field. So what will make someone or say an employer choose you over another will be your self crafted brand you have created for yourself.

I believe these steps if considered in our process of choosing and developing a career for ourselves will go a long way to help and equip us strongly