Thomas Wiredu - Director Of Operation

Thomas Wiredu

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Thomas Wiredu is a dedicated entrepreneur and respected religious leader who has made significant contributions to both the business and spiritual realms. As the CEO of JOK’S catering services and the International organizer for VODEC AFRICA, he has demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills and ability to organize successful events. Additionally, he is the founder and president of EAGLES TOWER and HOLY GHOST FULFILLMENT, showcasing his commitment to his religious beliefs.

In his professional career, Mr. Wiredu Thomas serves as the procurement officer for Entrance Pharmaceuticals and Research Centre, where he showcases his multitasking abilities and expertise in accounting, procurement, logistics, and supply chain management. He is known for his proactive and hardworking nature, always striving for excellence and achieving remarkable results.

With an educational background in accounting, Mr. Wiredu Thomas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Pentecost University. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Accra Business School, further enhancing his knowledge and skills in the field.

Overall, Thomas Wiredu is a remarkable individual who excels in both entrepreneurship and religious leadership, leaving a lasting impact on the body of Christ.