Tegha Itia D. (King) - Head Of International Relation

Tegha Itia D. (King

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Tegha Itia D. (King) is the MD. of ROLMEE INC. He supervises ROLMEE TV, ROLMEE CONSULT, and ROLMEE Entertainment global activities.

He is the founder of Footsteps of Mandela Alliance and has been a significant opinion leader in peace-building activities across Africa, including but not limited to the Conflict in the Cameroons, with an embossed stance on Pan-Africanism

He is the Ghana representative of the Global Center for Innovative Leaders. (GCIL).

In the past, he led the Family Federation for World Peace, the International and Association of Youth, and Students for Peace- Ghana, The Associations of the Universal Peace Federation, comprised of the International Association for Peace and Development, The Summit Peace Council, The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, The International Media Association for Peace and all of the federation’s affiliates in Ghana.

He holds a broad spectrum of experience in the management of international organizations with a background in Music, Graphic Designing, Business Administration and Peace and Conflict Studies.