Dorcas Agyapomah Opoku - Secretary

Dorcas Agyapomah Opoku

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Dorcas Agyapomah Opoku is a dedicated and task-oriented professional who has been an invaluable member of VODEC Africa, a non-profit organization focused on empowering youth with entrepreneurial skills, since 2019. In her role as Secretary, she plays a pivotal part in supporting the organization’s mission to cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Dorcas not only brings diligence and commitment to her responsibilities at VODEC Africa but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for youth aspiring to develop entrepreneurial acumen. Alongside her role as Secretary, she concurrently excels as a Customer Experience Officer with an investment company, demonstrating her ability to navigate both administrative and business-oriented tasks seamlessly.

With a foundation in audit gained during her one-year tenure as an Audit Clerk, Dorcas possesses a diverse skill set that complements VODEC Africa’s goal of equipping youth with the necessary tools for success in the business world.

Dorcas Agyapomah Opoku’s profile mirrors her dedication to fostering entrepreneurship among the youth, making her a valuable asset to VODEC Africa’s mission of creating a vibrant and enterprising community.