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Fuel for Humankind

Have you ever had the thought or feeling that you have attain more than enough and therefore there is no need to strive hard anymore? I just want to bring to your notice that your enough is not enough because there is more greatness you can achieve.

My dad always tells me to be the best of myself always and never give room for mediocrity. When I was young  I felt like he is just tormenting me and being on my nerves but now I feel like those words of his has been the pillar to which I have strive to attain all the heights I have been able to attain so far and I feel like I owe him a great debt. He will sometimes tell me Joseph you had 75, 80, 95 so where are the remaining 25, 20 and 15 respectively. Always energizing me to go for the ultimate because he believed I had what it takes to make me attain that.

Never settle for less when you know within yourself that there is more you can attain than what you have attained currently. Sometimes we make the little success stories engulf us to the extent that we cannot or we do not yearn to exploit other potentials of ours. Until you become hungry for more you can’t attain anything.


Let’s focus on the greatness we can attain rather than the little success stories we’ve been able to create for ourselves.

Believe in yourself each day that you are great, go out there with your head lifted up in boldness and face each day as a new chapter of your life not thinking about the greatness you’ve already made but thinking about the greatness you can and are about to make.


Get up, get set and let’s create history each day. The past is gone so let the old glory days glorify themselves while we create a new history in the new era.

Yes it’s possible so let’s get on with it.

I believe in you.