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Daniel Asomani

Founder & CEO

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DANIEL ASOMANI is an award-winning and versatile young African Achiever who has made his mark in Ghana and beyond. He is the author of “Christ in the Beauty of the beast and Politics”, a book that answers the most popular question on Christianity and Politics which remained a bone of contention for decades all-round the globe.

Daniel Asomani is the founder and CEO of VODEC Africa; an entrepreneurial body that seeks to overcome the challenges of the job market on the African Continent.

He is also the founder and CEO of Prudent Technologies. Prudent Technology is an inventive I.T firm in Ghana that provides digital solutions to assist businesses and institutions of all sizes to develop and increase to support the economies of their Nations

Being a youth himself, Mr. Asomani is driven by the passion to empower young people towards the realization of their potentials and dreams. He is also a Philanthropist and an activist in Social Entrepreneurship.

Asomani is the immediate past Students Representative President of Pentecost University and happened to be the youngest member among the board of Advisors of the prestigious University (Pentecost University).

He has a background in commerce and international business.

He has led his organization to organize mind-blowing Entrepreneurship Summits annually since 2017 and has hosted great corporate and influential personalities across the African terrain;

In 2018, he embarked on establishing training centers where street youths who desire to have a substantial life transformation could improve or build skills and capacity towards a promising future;

He is a motivational speaker and life coach who has had the opportunity to speak and inspire Africans of all ages in various conferences. His activities have won him admiration and several Awards on both international and local scales.

Daniel Asomani is driven by the vision that African youths ought to be inculcated the entrepreneurship spirit, to become creative leaders who can mitigate the multiple modern challenges that humanity faces as a people, and forge a new path towards equity, universally shared values, and mutual prosperity in order to attain the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

He is the boost and vehicle needed in this 21st century to ensure youth prosperity.

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