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Was trying to reflect on my life yesterday and I realized how fortunate my life has been. I say am fortunate not because of luck but because of hard work, persistence, perseverance and the will to create the success I wish.

Luck don’t come to people but they create it.

I started a journey to become a Chartered Accountant with the goal of writing two levels consisting of 8 papers in all within 6 months, a task that others have taken 2,3,4,and as much as 7 years to achieve. The task seemed really difficult but with a great will and a strong zeal to succeed as bad as I wanted to breath I never got discouraged.

However, I was able to complete this task in the 6 months time span I had planned.

Yes you heard me right. Although others have achieved this feet as I have but to me mine is a mixture of grace and hard work coupled with greater dedication to my goal.

Sleeping as late as 12am after a hard days work and waking up at 2am to study and finding time in between working hours to prepare for the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana exams was not easy but those that are true to their goals always win.

Persistence, accumulated stress and above all grace made me attain that height and today I am humbled to say am a qualified Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana.

Your dreams demand commitment. No need to give up just because of how hard you see the task ahead. The task is seemingly impossible but you are peculiar and highly equipped to get it done. All you need is to power your goals with the necessary fuel and you will get to your destination.

Never give up on your dream
Never quit because the process is tough.
Just trust and believe in yourself that you can make it and you can surely make it.

Persistence breaks resistance.
There is no success without sacrifice.
And anything you don’t serve you don’t deserve.

Serve your goals and dreams and deserve the success that comes with it

The sense of fulfilment is sweeter than honey