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Be Prepared

Each individual one way or the other and at one point in time has faced or has come to a point of being examined or writing an examination. The word exams can be defined as a formal test of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a subject or skill.
To me an examination is a mounting that has to be brought down to help you get to the next stage of your life. Many turn to fail in their examinations not because they are not intelligent but because they lack the necessarily knowledge on how to make things happen.

Here are five basic and practical ways of getting through your examinations successfully

1) Set a goal for yourself
A man without goals for him or herself is like chaffs that are blown in any direction by the wind. To be able to pass any examination in life you need a great focus. You need to enter into a state where psychologist call the flow state. This can be done by setting goals for yourself. What grades do you want to see? What are your expectations, which will be your driving force and that is what will cause you to rise to your feet and attack when you don’t feel like. If you are in the University go through your portal and check by what margin of grades you need to cause you to hit your desired CGPA. If you are at the SHS, JHS and any level, behold how passing with good grades can affect your life. Let that inspire you write down the grades desired and look up to it every morning during your preparations to bring down the mounting called exams.

2) Create a road map
The road map is the plan to attain the Goals Set. It demands effective time management and discipline. List down the exams dates, time and respective venues and based on that draw a strategic plan on how to get through your lecture materials and notes to be able to achieve your goals successfully. Remember a well-developed strategy or plan is useless if not implemented. After developing the strategy you have to discipline yourself to work in conjunction with them. De-recognize any activity that will not help you achieve the set goals and focus on your ultimate goal of getting the best out of the examination.

3) Make use of your senses
The human senses were given to him for a specific purpose. Its time to make your senses work for you. Its better to employ your major senses in your study because this will improve your rate of capturing stuffs quicker and faster. There comes a point in time where even after a massive rest you still dont feel like studying because your brains are kind of choked up. That is not the point to quit. That is not the point to give up. A mans woes does not come to destroy him but comes to help him devise new strategies. If your brains are not absorbing even after relaxation then is time you become radical and employ the other senses. Your eyes can do the capturing and at a point the mind will find its bearings and follow suite. Tell yourself its either I complete the daily task that will help me attain the set goals or its a period of no days off. No sleeping, no play until the mission is accomplished.

4) Create a friendly environment
Sometimes we students set our own traps. Isnt that funny to hear? Yeah we start the studies in our room which is our comfort zones and the next minute we see our beds beckoning us and it looks so seductive that we cant resist it. Creating a friendly environment requires you knowing yourself and the environments and moods that activates your zeal to study. If your bed is seducing you then flee from the temptation and find for yourself an environment that will motivate you to study. You can make good use of the library.

5) Believe in yourself
A man will achieve nothing if he does not believe in his own self. Exams have been writing by many people and I guess this is not your first time facing one. On the day of the exams, step out, look up to the sky and believe in yourself that you are going to make it. Be your best and your best will be the best