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A Perfectly matched Principle: An Ultimate Path To ACHIEVEMENT OF Excellence

Accountants have many regulations, frameworks and concepts that govern the recording and reporting of transactions. One of these numerous concepts is the matching concept.

It simply imply that all revenues be matched against the corresponding expenses that led to the generation of the revenues.
This concept can be applicable to one’s life if he or she wants to mount higher echelons in all that he or she does.

So how can this be done?

It’s simple. When you rise up in the morning set up your goals and targets and the various measures that will help you to attain them. Always endeavor to hit the target.

After each day match your outcomes against your goals and see whether profits or losses were made. If there are losses find out the causes of the loss and establish possible means of mitigating against such losses the next time.

Also this concept can be applied towards attaining greatness by matching every action against its corresponding consequences. If an action does not have a positive outcome then it’s not worth dying for and it’s not worth embarking on.

Always keep your composure and continue the fight towards attaining greatness.

Remember when you fall you should always rise till the work is done and the mission is accomplished.

Forward always!!!

Always forward!!!