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7 Missteps Which Shows Failure Be To Leaders

Every leader needs to come to a realization that he or she is shepherding people to achieve greater goals and not to “boss” him or herself over his subordinates.

Many people are occupying leadership positions but are not actually leading. That sounds ridiculous but it’s the truth of the whole syndrome of broken systems we find ourselves in this 21st century.

As a leader you have to create the avenue for the development of your subordinates and you have to ensure that their welfare is your welfare. These are some of the greatest mistakes that a lot of leaders do that makes them fail as leaders

  1. Seeing yourself higher above your subordinates

It’s true that a leader has authority over his or her subordinates but in a leader-follower relationship never underestimate the potentials of the people you lead and never see them to be individuals who lack knowledge. In doing so you are not able to harness the greatness in them and you are not able to develop them which makes you fail as a leader.

A leader who cannot boast of the success of his subordinates is no leader

  1. Failing to be innovative

Leaders are the conduit for change, development and solutions. That means each and every leader should be the powerhouse of ideas and the resort for solutions to problems that occur in every organizational certain. Thus, every leader needs to be innovative and be ready to deliver anytime, any day and anywhere. A leader who cannot add his skills, intuition and talents together to bring out innovative ideas fails as a leader. So to be successful as a leader also be innovative

In this current world its either you are innovative or you die out.

  1. Lacking Vision

Another greatest mistake that makes people fail as leaders is their lack of vision. A man without a vision is equivalent to a stray dog who does not know his left from his right. So as a leader you need to have a vision and cause your subordinates to buy into the vision so that together you can attain the greatness you seek.

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Leaders without vision lead their subordinates astray and that cause an untimely de-recognition of their subordinates.

  1. Failing to utilize the strength and weaknesses of your team

As the saying goes, no man is perfect and any leader who does not utilize the strength and weaknesses of his team members fail as a leader. There is the word “team” to demonstrate that each and everyone’s skills complement the other. A leader who is not able to blend the strength and weaknesses of his or her subordinates to achieve the greater good is disheartening. So if you are a leader learn to blend the strengths and weaknesses of your subordinates and make the team proud.

  1. Being emotionally dead

Another key factor to failing as a leader is being emotionally dead. Some leaders are not able to reason with their followers and feel what they feel. If that is your side of the story then you’ve got to change the tides now. Any leader who is not able to understand and sympathize with his followers is not able to draw his followers closer and that makes it difficult to develop them as you ought to.

So a little advice: if you want to be a great leader then be alive to the emotions of your followers

  1. Being the hero

This sounds confusing but it’s a real deal in some people. Some leaders feel like they have to accomplish all the task and take the credit for them. That is a wrong attitude and as a leader you need to stay away from such practice. Never play the hero in your leadership endeavors but rather learn to delegate some task to your followers and direct and correct them when they get the process wrong. In so doing you develop them emotionally, psychologically and physically for greater task.


A leader without a successor has failed as a leader

So work out the success with them and they will get acquainted to the process and make you proud in your absence.

  1. Failing to criticize

As I stated earlier on it’s very essential for a leader to get closer to his or her followers but that does not mean compromise on your core responsibility of criticizing the work and attitude of your subordinates when the need arises. A leader who cannot criticize the wrongs of his subordinates ends up digging the grave for himself and his organization. Never compromise on doing what is expected to you because in so doing you lose track of what needs to be done and you lead the whole team to destruction.


Always be alert to the things your followers do and always be ready to criticize their wrong doings because in so doing you shape them to become the best version of themselves.